Discrimination Based on Gender

Gender discrimination occurs when an employer discriminates against you because of your gender in hiring, promotion or firing. Repeated acts that contribute to a hostile workplace, where you feel unwelcome or unsafe because of your gender also count. Gender discrimination is legally actionable if you reported it to a superior or management and nothing was done. Both men and women can be subject of gender discrimination. Employers are not supposed to discriminate against an individual because of gender identity, including transgender status, or because of sexual orientation.

The employer remains strictly liable for any gender discrimination made by a supervisor. If you reported any instances of gender discrimination to your employer and the employer then retaliated against you by cutting your hours, decreasing your pay or by demoting you, then the employer has discriminated against you. You might have a cause of action for discrimination based on your gender. Please contact our team of experts at Employment Rights Law Group to discuss your case . Our team of employment law attorneys have handled numerous cases of discrimination based on gender and have obtained favorable settlements for our clients.
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