Off the Clock Work

Off-the-clock work is where an employee works for the employer while not being on the clock. This happens when the employee has clocked out from work, or the employee is outside of the place of employment and continues to perform his/her duties benefiting the employer. The employer is responsible for the time that the employee has worked off-the-clock. Failure to reimburse the employee for any time worked off-the-clock is a violation of California wage and hour regulations. If you were required to remain at work after clocking out, or the employer asked you to perform job related activities while outside of the office, then you might have a claim for off-the-clock work. Contact our team of attorneys at Employment Rights Law Group, APC.

One of the examples of  off-the-clock work is when the employee continues to work for the employer while being at his/her house after  workhours. Not only is the employee  required to be paid for the hours worked outside of the office, but also for the personal items that he/she has used while working outside of the office. If you worked at home and did not receive reimbursement for your personal expenses, or off-the-clock work, please contact our team of experts at Employment Rights Law Group.
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