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Where do I begin? What is the process?

1. First contact our office.

2. We will then conduct a legal analysis of your case through a detailed client questionnaire.

3. If we determine you have a legally valid claim, we will then take your case after our fee agreement is signed.

4. Cases vary – Some cases require much client involvement through depositions. Other cases do not require any client participation at all. Our staff will be in touch with you if we need any further information.

5. You do not need to pay any fees throughout the legal process. Your fees will be deducted from the final settlement if we win your case.

My boss just fired me. What legal rights do I have?

It depends whether or not your termination was unlawful or discriminatory. If we determine that you have a legally valid claim against your employer, then we will file a lawsuit and pursue all actions available to you.

When will I get paid?

Every case is different. Some cases take a few weeks and some cases could last months. Once we win your case and receive payment from your employer, we will send you the payment.

I am undocumented. Do I have any rights?

Yes, you are allowed to claim your rights against your former or current employer regardless of your immigration status. Under California law, the immigration status of an employee is not relevant and cannot be discussed in a labor case.

Do I need to make any court appearances?

In general, we settle most cases, meaning there is no need to go to trial and appear in court. If there is a trial, you will need to make some court appearances.

What information do you need from me?

We will need all the details regarding your employment history. All information shared with us will remain confidential and subject to attorney client privilege.  

How do I pay the legal fees after I win my case?

If we win your case, all your legal fees will be deducted from the settlement amount. This will be detailed in your closing bill.

My boss asks me to remain working during my lunch break. Is it legal?

No, this is not legal. In most industries, this is an illegal practice to require employees to remain working during the lunch break.

I was laid off while I was on pregnancy leave. Do I have any claims against my employer?

If your termination was related to the fact that you were pregnant, then there is a high likelihood that you might have a case against your former employer.
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